Luzco is one of the few manufacturing companies
in lighting left in Spain.

Since its creation in the year 1984, Luzco has been a pioneer in introducing new lighting technologies, from the introduction of fluorescent tubes, discharge lamps, halogens, etc. to LED technology.

In the year 2008, Luzco made their boldest commitment to LED technology, developing their own lighting systems. For the first time, we could create our own unique shades using technology, developing exclusively for each sector.

Our engineering team year-after-year has created systems that are more efficient in consumption, and with a greater and greater rendering of colours. This being currently our sixth LED generation, we have reduced consumption by 35%, and we have increased the light output by 25% with respect to the first generation. Regarding colour rendering, we have increased it from 70% to 97%. All of this is the result of our desire to improve our systems, and not stagnate just because we have the best product.

All of this long process lasting more than three decades of innovation and development have turned Luzco into a benchmark in lighting, where there are already thousands of stores with Luzco lighting.

More than any other sector, the food sector is surely the one most sensitive to lighting, since a shade that isn’t adequate can result in our customers rejecting an offer of fresh products.

Here is where Luzco comes in, always seeking customized consultancy; using the trust and know-how of our sales team, we have managed to position ourselves as a benchmark company in the markets, street stores and large spaces. That is why Luzco provides to its customers its branches in Spain, with sales teams in constant training. With our range of LEDCO products, we manage to give our products the colour and shine that they need, in such a way that we can do the same and make it look much more attractive, providing a series of visual stimuli that encourage sales. If you add this to the fact that this is a technology that does not emit heat to the product, nor generate ultraviolet or infrared rays, we are talking about LED lighting that has been the greatest lighting advancement since the creation of the lightbulb.

If you want to get to know us personally, you can always visit us. Luzco has its factory, warehouse and showroom in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid, Spain). Simply contact us, and we would be delighted to give you a guided visit of our facilities.
Show us your project, and we will help you to define it.