Traditional commerce is going through a period of a lot of changes, not only regarding buying habits, but also in customer demands.

Traditional commerce is going through a period of a lot of changes, not only regarding buying habits, but also in customer demands.

We are going through times where every day it becomes more difficult to position our business against the advantages of online sales, due to which our businesses have to provide a series of incentives to the customer which they are not capable of reaching through other sales channels.

In analysing sensory marketing, it is worth highlighting that the most stimulating sense is without a doubt sight, as 90% of the information our brain receives is visual.

The famous saying of “eating with your eyes first” is true. Marketing tries to play with our senses and the leading sense is sight.

For 85% of customers, the colour of the product acts as a trigger in the buying decision. Colour is the main attribute in recognizing a brand for 80% of consumers.

That is why Luzco has to be your ally in lighting your business, and our Luzco Trendy line is breaking down all the barriers in the traditional market.

Our new line has been well received in the Retail sector, with interviews in the media, fairs such as CasaDecor, training at universities in Decor and Interior Design, conferences in Spain, etc.

In this new line, we can find tailor-made lighting, projectors, linear LED systems, suspended lights and many other alteratives, in order to provide all the solutions that your business may require.

We know very well the needs of every sector, whether in textiles, accessories, pharmacies, jewellery shops, etc., each of them with completely different needs from the rest.

Our sales network is available to the client to be able to offer them the best ideas and solutions so that their business can shine with its own light, because lighting a store may seem simple, but it requires an expert in lighting technology.

Knowledge is required both in use, location of the lights, power, shades, effects, etc., as all this can be decisive when obtaining the maximum output in our investment in lighting.
Things as important as textures, finishes, small details, etc., shall play leading roles for our customers, since we will manage to surprise them.
As always, the foundation of our company is in providing added value to lighting products, and in this way creating visual stimuli, which thanks to our lighting quality, unique shades, and colour rendering, will have a much greater impact.

If you want to get to know us personally, you can always visit us. Luzco has its factory, warehouse and showroom in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid, Spain). Simply contact us, and we would be delighted to give you a guided visit of our facilities.
Show us your project, and we will help you to define it.